Best methods and tips on how to conceive a boy naturally

Hi! I'm Maria and I would like to take a few seconds to welcome you to my blog. I started this website a while ago, right after I gave birth to a wonderful, healthy little boy, Mark - Sussie's little brother. After my husband and I had Sussie 3 years ago, we decided it would be nice for her to have a little brother to play with, so we started looking for tips on how to conceive a boy and after dozens and hundred of hours spent reading lots of website, I decided to start this blog to help the other couples which are trying to conceive a baby boy.

16 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Diet to Conceive a Boy

Diet to Conceive a BoyIn this post I decided to present in detail a famous natural method of gender selection: the diet method. This dietary strategy increases a woman’s chances of giving birth to a baby of the gender she wants. Since this website is focused on the techniques that help you to conceive a male descendant, I will describe you, in this article, the diet to conceive a boy. Before offering you details about this diet, this post will show you what are the advantages and the main downsides of this natural method. By reading this article, you will also discover information about the foods that are recommended, as well as about the food items that are inadvisable when it comes to getting pregnant with a male child.

The Advantages of the Diet for Conceiving Boy

Before going into details about the diet method of sex selection, let’s take a look first at the main benefits of this strategy. As I have already told you in the first paragraph of this article, the diet method (that shows you the diet for conceiving a boy) has the advantage of being a natural technique, i.e. one that doesn’t require artificial means for achieving its purpose, unlike the high-tech methods (such as MicroSort or PGD with IVF), which use artificial insemination and require a whole team of healthcare professionals and sophisticated medical equipment.

Another plus of the diet method would be that it is a very simple gender selection strategy, which can be applied at your own home. When choosing the best way of predetermining the fetal sex, it’s essential to know that the diet to conceive a baby boy is not even near as complicated as the scientific methods. This diet method is not only simple to use, but also very simple to understand. Besides simpleness and naturalness, the third fundamental advantage of this dietary strategy is represented by its affordability, which is conferred by the fact that this diet method is almost free – all you have to pay for using it is represented by the price of the book or the resource that details it. Read the rest of the article >>

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5 Tips to Conceive a Boy

Many couples wish to have a baby boy from the first attempt of pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with this, as it is the desire of a couple that makes them to know certain methods and tips on how to conceive a boy naturally. There are many methods to choose from, including natural methods and artificial insemination. The process of conceiving is costly but simple for most of the couples. Let us know the tips and methods in conceiving a boy:

Making love on the date of ovulation

Performing intercourse on the ovulation day is used by many couples who want to conceive a boy using natural methods in the first attempt. This is a good method to perform sexual acts on the ovulation day as it makes sure on having a boy. Make sure not to miss the day of ovulation as it helps you to carry sperm of male gene to womb for fertilization of the egg. A little carelessness may lead to conceive a girl. Therefore make sure to use an ovulation kit that helps to conceive a boy. Read the rest of the article >>

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How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

How to Conceive a Boy NaturallyIf you and your husband are preparing to have a baby boy this year, then it is a good decision to maintain the time of ovulation. Try to find out which is the exact time to evaluate and enhance the chances of beginning to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Mostly, couples search for effective methods that work in a better way without any risk in following it. After going through each and every instruction of conceiving a boy, you can make appropriate decisions to follow. There are a few natural methods which are proven effective in conceiving a boy. Form all the methods, let us now discuss about the ovulation calculator and calendar method.

Below I included a video from which describes different theories about sex during pregnancy which can decide if you’ll have a boy or a girl.

What is an ovulation calculator to follow?

  • An ovulation calculator is the tool used to find the most productive days of your menstrual rotation. This is the best time to try to conceive with your selected gender.
  •  There are many online methods from which this procedure is quite effective. You can follow it as a simple way of entering the initial say of your menstrual cycle.
  • Ovulation can also be strong-minded by keeping in check on the physical signs like increase in the body temperature and observing menstrual cycle by noting down the days.
  • If you make use of ovulation calculator together with monitoring the basal body temperature, you will get correct results.
  •  For all this observation method, you need an ovulation lit that helps you as an ovulation calculator in estimation.
  •  Therefore ovulation calculator is easy to follow and conceive a boy with its help. Read the rest of the article >>

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Conceiving a Boy Using the Chinese Method

How to Conceive a BoyChildbirth is the gift of God which is enjoyed by every parent on the planet.  And the Chinese methods to select the gender of the baby are considered as the tool which is helpful to choose the gender of your child. It is all supported by the Chinese age of mother and calculated by the year in which you like to get conceived. This predicts the gender of your baby along with the month in which you are going to deliver the child.

Helps to know the menstrual cycle and the day of ovulation

There is nothing incorrect to select the gender of the baby. Now days, couples are deciding to follow certain methods and tips to conceive. From all the methods, the best selected is the Chinese method that is followed through charting the days of the menstrual cycle and ovulation period in every way to ensure to conceive a boy. There are many methods that re helpful for the couple, but other than those, the Chinese method is a natural method which favors you give birth to a baby boy. Read the rest of the article >>

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How to Conceive a Boy – The Shettle’s method

Are you the woman who wishes to get pregnant by trying an effective method? You find many natural methods from which only a few are proven with success rates. From those effective methods, subtle method of conceiving is quite effective and most used formulas to conceive a boy. You can look for more information on the internet if you don’t have idea about the shuttles method of conceiving the chosen gender of the baby.

What is shettle’s method?

Actually, shettle’s method is a natural method without any prescription medicines. It is one of the most effective methods to follow with some scientific and instinctive validity. This method is the only process that improves the chances of having a boy with some percent of guarantee.

In shettle’s method, performing intercourse on the day of ovulation is important to conceive a baby boy. The most important factor is to maintain the timings in sexual practice for thick mucus to form in the cervix. This thick mucus makes the male chromosomes to reach the uterus to fertilize and form a fetus. Read the rest of the article >>