How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

Did you know that what you eat can affect whether you conceive a boy or a girl? Studies have shown correlations between what a woman eats and the gender she conceives. Again, remember, it may be the sperm that determines the baby’s gender, but it’s the conditions in Mom-to-be’s body that determines which sperm (male Y or female X) reaches the egg. And your diet affects those conditions. So without further ado, here are some diet tips and foods to eat to conceive a boy.

Alkali (Low pH) Diet for Conceiving a Baby Boy

Keep in mind that “boy sperm” are more fragile than “girl sperm,” so they can’t live as long in an acidic environment. An acidic (high pH) reproductive tract favors X sperm. Our Y guys have a better chance in an alkali (low pH). To increase your body’s alkalinity, avoid acidic foods and eat more alkaline foods. The good news is that most fresh veggies and fruits are alkali. If you’re really serious about this, you can monitor your pH level with saliva test strips that tell you your pH level. [Continue reading]

Recommended Foods For Getting Pregnant with a Baby Boy

Many people search on the Internet information about “diet to conceive a boy“. This is happening because more and more parents are interested nowadays in having a baby of a chosen gender. This interest may have personal, medical, cultural or even social causes. In their attempt of giving birth to a child of a particular sex, the couples would like to find a natural solution. When it comes to conceiving an offspring of a desired sex, there are two main beliefs. One the one hand, the great majority of scientists are strongly of the opinion that gender selection may be reliably achieved only by using one of the following two complex, artificial and high-tech methods: MicroSort, which is still an experimental technique, and PGD with IVF, which has a success rate of 100 %, if it is applied correctly and if there are no technical errors.

One the other hand, a couple of researchers have discovered some natural methods of preconceptional selection of fetal sex; these techniques include many tips to give birth to a boy. The main natural strategies for controlling the gender of an offspring are: the diet methods, the timing methods and the Chinese Gender Calendar Method. The timing techniques focus on scheduling the sexual intercourse, while the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar strategy is based on determining, using an ancient calendar, the month in which a child of the desired gender can be conceived.

The diet methods for setting the sex of a future child consist in recommendations of foods that the woman should eat in order to give birth to an offspring of a desired gender. All the diet techniques of human gender selection are variations of the dietary method discovered in 1980 by Drs. Lorrain and Stolkowski, which says that the diet for conceiving a boy must be rich in potassium and sodium, and, at the same time, poor in calcium and magnesium.

But the researches in the field of animal sex selection have been done right from the beginning of the twentieth century. In the 1930s, the experimental embryologist Dr. Curt Herbst, Director of the Zoological Institute in Heidelberg, discovered that the gender of taurines can be controlled by modifying the proportions of minerals in their diet. More precisely, the respected European scientist discovered experimentally that the salty diets led to much more bulls than heifers. This was a promising theory for the couples trying to figure out how to have a boy. Diet became, starting from this discovery, one of the main subjects studied by the scientists interested in human gender selection. [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Conceive a Boy

Many couples wish to have a baby boy from the first attempt of pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with this, as it is the desire of a couple that makes them to know certain methods and tips on how to conceive a boy naturally. There are many methods to choose from, including natural methods and artificial insemination. The process of conceiving is costly but simple for most of the couples. Let us know the tips and methods in conceiving a boy:

Making love on the date of ovulation

Performing intercourse on the ovulation day is used by many couples who want to conceive a boy using natural methods in the first attempt. This is a good method to perform sexual acts on the ovulation day as it makes sure on having a boy. Make sure not to miss the day of ovulation as it helps you to carry sperm of male gene to womb for fertilization of the egg. A little carelessness may lead to conceive a girl. Therefore make sure to use an ovulation kit that helps to conceive a boy. [Continue reading]

Conceiving a Boy Using the Chinese Method

How to Conceive a BoyChildbirth is the gift of God which is enjoyed by every parent on the planet.  And the Chinese methods to select the gender of the baby are considered as the tool which is helpful to choose the gender of your child. It is all supported by the Chinese age of mother and calculated by the year in which you like to get conceived. This predicts the gender of your baby along with the month in which you are going to deliver the child.

Helps to know the menstrual cycle and the day of ovulation

There is nothing incorrect to select the gender of the baby. Now days, couples are deciding to follow certain methods and tips to conceive. From all the methods, the best selected is the Chinese method that is followed through charting the days of the menstrual cycle and ovulation period in every way to ensure to conceive a boy. There are many methods that re helpful for the couple, but other than those, the Chinese method is a natural method which favors you give birth to a baby boy. [Continue reading]

How to Give Birth to a Baby Boy Naturally – Calendar and Ovulation Calculator

Ovulation calendar to have a boy is the traditional trusted method by most of the couples. At present, there is more number of girls than boys making   a lot of difference between the birth rate. To fill these gaps, some married couple follows certain method to select the gender and get conceived. In case if you have selected male gender then you need to follow ovulation calendar and calculator to give birth to a baby boy naturally by maintaining your ovulation timings and chart down your cervical mucus days.

Being an easy method, you can take the help of your partner in calculating your ovulation as male ejaculation also matters with this method. Your spouse must not ejaculate for 4-5 days and do it at the time of ovulation as it makes the sperm reach to the ovaries quick without any obstruction.

Method to follow ovulation calculator

If you and your partner have decided to perform sex in the next week then plan it in the day of your ovulation. Sex must be practiced before 24 hours of ovulation and after 12 hours of ovulation time. The reason for this is that male “Y” chromosomes reaches fast to the ovaries than X chromosomes which are for girls if the cervical mucus is not suitable for male chromosomes due to more acidity then it can’t reach the egg to fertilize. In such cases, female sperm reaches to the uterus and gets fertilized. Therefore calculate ovulation and note on your menstrual calendar about when to have sex with your partner to make sure that you conceive a boy this time. [Continue reading]