How to Conceive a Boy – The Shettle’s method

Are you the woman who wishes to get pregnant by trying an effective method? You find many natural methods from which only a few are proven with success rates. From those effective methods, subtle method of conceiving is quite effective and most used formulas to conceive a boy. You can look for more information on the internet if you don’t have idea about the shuttles method of conceiving the chosen gender of the baby.

What is shettle’s method?

Actually, shettle’s method is a natural method without any prescription medicines. It is one of the most effective methods to follow with some scientific and instinctive validity. This method is the only process that improves the chances of having a boy with some percent of guarantee.

In shettle’s method, performing intercourse on the day of ovulation is important to conceive a baby boy. The most important factor is to maintain the timings in sexual practice for thick mucus to form in the cervix. This thick mucus makes the male chromosomes to reach the uterus to fertilize and form a fetus. [Read more…]