Diet to Conceive a Boy

Diet to Conceive a BoyIn this post I decided to present in detail a famous natural method of gender selection: the diet method. This dietary strategy increases a woman’s chances of giving birth to a baby of the gender she wants. Since this website is focused on the techniques that help you to conceive a male descendant, I will describe you, in this article, the diet to conceive a boy. Before offering you details about this diet, this post will show you what are the advantages and the main downsides of this natural method. By reading this article, you will also discover information about the foods that are recommended, as well as about the food items that are inadvisable when it comes to getting pregnant with a male child.

The Advantages of the Diet for Conceiving Boy

Before going into details about the diet method of sex selection, let’s take a look first at the main benefits of this strategy. As I have already told you in the first paragraph of this article, the diet method (that shows you the diet for conceiving a boy) has the advantage of being a natural technique, i.e. one that doesn’t require artificial means for achieving its purpose, unlike the high-tech methods (such as MicroSort or PGD with IVF), which use artificial insemination and require a whole team of healthcare professionals and sophisticated medical equipment.

Another plus of the diet method would be that it is a very simple gender selection strategy, which can be applied at your own home. When choosing the best way of predetermining the fetal sex, it’s essential to know that the diet to conceive a baby boy is not even near as complicated as the scientific methods. This diet method is not only simple to use, but also very simple to understand. Besides simpleness and naturalness, the third fundamental advantage of this dietary strategy is represented by its affordability, which is conferred by the fact that this diet method is almost free – all you have to pay for using it is represented by the price of the book or the resource that details it.

The Downsides of the Diet to Conceive a Boy

Now that you found out what are the main benefits of this natural gender selection method, it’s time to discover its main drawbacks, which are, sometimes, even more important to be known than its advantages – because not knowing them might cost you your health! You must be aware of that! The crucial downside of the diet method refers to the contraindications of this natural method: the diet to conceive a boy must not be followed by the persons with cardiac or kidney disorders or other medical conditions.

Another essential disadvantage of the dietary technique is that it is considered by some persons to recommend you an unbalanced diet, which can make you sick. A third important downside of this diet method is that it cannot ensure you that you will conceive a baby or that the gender of your baby (in case you will get pregnant after following this diet) is the desired one – the succes rate of the diet for conceiving a boy is considered to be around 70%.

Warnings and Recommendations Regarding the Diet to Conceive a Baby Boy

Before selecting this diet as your strategy for conceiving a male child, it’s highly recommended to consult your physician or a nutritionist, whose help and advice would be very useful during the period when you follow this diet (because it’s advisable to have your health status monitored by a medical doctor, while being on any diet). An important word of caution related to this natural sex selection strategy is to never follow this diet for conceiving a boy for a long period of time, otherwise you can become ill. More precisely, this diet must be discontinued after the moment when the woman becomes pregnant and also after having been followed for two-three months without getting pregnant.

What to Eat to Conceive a Boy

The diet for conceiving boy, also known as the “boy diet”, simply consists in increasing your intake of some minerals and limiting (or moderately reducing, but, attention!, not totally eliminating) your consumption of other minerals. According to the diet sex selection method, the key-minerals when it comes to controlling the gender of a future baby are the following four: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

If you want to increase your likelihood of getting pregnant with a little boy, here are the foods that compose the diet to conceive a boy: foods high in sodium and potassium, and low in calcium and magnesium. In other words, you should prefer the salted food items (like pastries, meat, bread, eggs) and the fruits and vegetables high in potassium (such as spinach, radishes, beans), and avoid dairy foodstuffs (like milk and cheese).

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