How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

How to Conceive a Boy NaturallyIf you and your husband are preparing to have a baby boy this year, then it is a good decision to maintain the time of ovulation. Try to find out which is the exact time to evaluate and enhance the chances of beginning to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Mostly, couples search for effective methods that work in a better way without any risk in following it. After going through each and every instruction of conceiving a boy, you can make appropriate decisions to follow. There are a few natural methods which are proven effective in conceiving a boy. Form all the methods, let us now discuss about the ovulation calculator and calendar method.

Below I included a video from which describes different theories about sex during pregnancy which can decide if you’ll have a boy or a girl.

What is an ovulation calculator to follow?

  • An ovulation calculator is the tool used to find the most productive days of your menstrual rotation. This is the best time to try to conceive with your selected gender.
  •  There are many online methods from which this procedure is quite effective. You can follow it as a simple way of entering the initial say of your menstrual cycle.
  • Ovulation can also be strong-minded by keeping in check on the physical signs like increase in the body temperature and observing menstrual cycle by noting down the days.
  • If you make use of ovulation calculator together with monitoring the basal body temperature, you will get correct results.
  •  For all this observation method, you need an ovulation lit that helps you as an ovulation calculator in estimation.
  •  Therefore ovulation calculator is easy to follow and conceive a boy with its help.

Way to get pregnant during ovulation

During the time of ovulation, it is important that the male sperm reaches the egg for fertilization. Actually what happens is, the egg and the man’s sperm combine together in the Fallopian tube to figure out a zygote. It forms into an embryo after that and after a long time takes the shape of a fetus. In case if fertilization is followed by the method of implantation causes pregnancy quickly. The zygote will change into blastocyst in 7 to 10 which is creation of nearly 100 cells.

At this point of phase, the biological father is completely involved in the formation of the embryo in the womb. At this stage of conception, there is chance for twin pregnancy. The balstocyst grows into three layers of germ in which the first layer is:

  • Mesoderm.
  • Middle layer- exoderm and
  • The third outer layer-endoderm.

In what way is an ovulation calendar helpful to get pregnant?

Actually, plans are based on the truth that ovulation happens before 14 of the next menstrual cycle. When the ovulation period comes near, your probability of getting pregnant will definitely increase if you know your date of ovulation by calculating in the calendar then definitely you will conceive with a boy.

This plan suggests you certain actions that influence the gender of the boy or girl. The method of calendar and ovulation calculator helps you in conceiving a baby boy in an effective way.


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