Recommended Foods For Getting Pregnant with a Baby Boy

Many people search on the Internet information about “diet to conceive a boy“. This is happening because more and more parents are interested nowadays in having a baby of a chosen gender. This interest may have personal, medical, cultural or even social causes. In their attempt of giving birth to a child of a particular sex, the couples would like to find a natural solution. When it comes to conceiving an offspring of a desired sex, there are two main beliefs. One the one hand, the great majority of scientists are strongly of the opinion that gender selection may be reliably achieved only by using one of the following two complex, artificial and high-tech methods: MicroSort, which is still an experimental technique, and PGD with IVF, which has a success rate of 100 %, if it is applied correctly and if there are no technical errors.

One the other hand, a couple of researchers have discovered some natural methods of preconceptional selection of fetal sex; these techniques include many tips to give birth to a boy. The main natural strategies for controlling the gender of an offspring are: the diet methods, the timing methods and the Chinese Gender Calendar Method. The timing techniques focus on scheduling the sexual intercourse, while the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar strategy is based on determining, using an ancient calendar, the month in which a child of the desired gender can be conceived.

The diet methods for setting the sex of a future child consist in recommendations of foods that the woman should eat in order to give birth to an offspring of a desired gender. All the diet techniques of human gender selection are variations of the dietary method discovered in 1980 by Drs. Lorrain and Stolkowski, which says that the diet for conceiving a boy must be rich in potassium and sodium, and, at the same time, poor in calcium and magnesium.

But the researches in the field of animal sex selection have been done right from the beginning of the twentieth century. In the 1930s, the experimental embryologist Dr. Curt Herbst, Director of the Zoological Institute in Heidelberg, discovered that the gender of taurines can be controlled by modifying the proportions of minerals in their diet. More precisely, the respected European scientist discovered experimentally that the salty diets led to much more bulls than heifers. This was a promising theory for the couples trying to figure out how to have a boy. Diet became, starting from this discovery, one of the main subjects studied by the scientists interested in human gender selection.

Inspired by Dr. Herbst’s discovery, a research regarding the diet’s influence on human sex ratios has been conducted by two respected scientists: Dr. Joseph Stolkowski, a well-known doctor from the “Pierre and Marie Curie University” in Paris, and Dr. Jacques Lorrain, the Director of the Research Unit in Reproduction Medicine of the “Sacre-Coeur Hospital” in Montreal. In this research, more than 200 women aiming for a baby of a desired gender followed, for a period of 4 to 6 weeks before becoming pregnant, two different diets. The diet for conceiving boy was high in salty foods (for their sodium and potassium) and low in dairy products (for their magnesium and calcium). On the other hand, the women interested in having a girl ate a lot of dairy products and saltless foods.

The husbands of these women followed the same diet as their wives, for the same period of time. The rationale behind this advice was psychological in nature: the women were not tempted to eat inappropriate foods and it increases their confidence that they will have a baby of the desired sex.

Diet to conceive a boy

The result of the research conducted by the Drs. Stolkowski and Lorrain was that 80 % of the couples involved in the study conceived a child of the chosen gender. In 1980, this study’s conclusion was published in the “International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics” and it stated that the women who want to have a female descendant must follow, during the month prior to becoming pregnant, a diet rich in magnesium and calcium, and poor in sodium and potassium. This study’s conclusion regarding male offspring was this: the diet to conceive a baby boy is rich in potassium and sodium, and also poor in calcium and magnesium.

Although not scientifically proven, this experimentally discovered theory of Drs. Stolkowski and Lorrain is claimed to have a success rate of about 70 %. Later, this trailblazing research on human gender selection has been deepened by other researchers, who came to the same conclusion as the two doctors Stolkowski and Lorrain: the women wondering “what to eat to conceive a boy?” are advised to include in their diet salty foods (for their sodium) and foods high in potassium, and they should consume only a few dairy products and foods that contain high levels of calcium and magnesium.

It’s important to understand that the purpose of this “boy diet” is to increase the intake of sodium and potassium, while only decreasing and limiting – and NOT completely suppressing!!! – the intake of calcium and magnesium. Every person, especially the women who will become pregnant, must consume foods containing calcium and magnesium, in order to avoid the nutritional deficiencies and the diseases they cause.

Foods to eat to conceive a boy

Examples of foods recommended for women aiming for a male child are the fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, like apricots, parsnips, beans, radishes, spinach, mushrooms. The salted foods, like bread and pastries, meat, eggs, are also allowed in this “boy diet”.

Warnings about conceiving a boy diet

  • The persons suffering from cardiac diseases, kidney problems and other illnesses must not follow this diet.
  • It’s important to consult your physician prior to deciding to follow this dietary method of preconception gender selection.
  • Never follow an extreme and prologed diet, because it may cause many illnesses.
  • This dietary technique doesn’t guarantee neither the sex of your future child, because it’s success rate is 70 – 80 %, neither the fact that you will become pregnant.
  • If, after you follow this diet for two or three months, you don’t become pregnant, you must stop following it.
  • The diet to conceive a boy must be stopped after the moment of conception. This dietary sex selection method is valid only before you become pregnant. After conception, the fetal gender can’t be changed.


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