How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

How to Conceive a Boy: The Importance of the Diet

Did you know that what you eat can affect whether you conceive a boy or a girl? Studies have shown correlations between what a woman eats and the gender she conceives. Again, remember, it may be the sperm that determines the baby’s gender, but it’s the conditions in Mom-to-be’s body that determines which sperm (male Y or female X) reaches the egg. And your diet affects those conditions. So without further ado, here are some diet tips and foods to eat to conceive a boy.

Alkali (Low pH) Diet for Conceiving a Baby Boy

Keep in mind that “boy sperm” are more fragile than “girl sperm,” so they can’t live as long in an acidic environment. An acidic (high pH) reproductive tract favors X sperm. Our Y guys have a better chance in an alkali (low pH). To increase your body’s alkalinity, avoid acidic foods and eat more alkaline foods. The good news is that most fresh veggies and fruits are alkali. If you’re really serious about this, you can monitor your pH level with saliva test strips that tell you your pH level.

Raise Potassium, Control Calcium and Magnesium

Getting more potassium and less calcium and magnesium should also increase your chances of having a baby boy. The logic behind this is that potassium helps your body create thicker cervical mucus, which slows down the female sperm.

Another reason is that male Y sperm have an affinity for potassium and its presence helps them find the egg faster than the female X sperm. This is a matter of altering your balance of electrolytes, which is why you’re supposed to lower your calcium and magnesium intake as well.

The only real piece of scientific evidence I’ve found for this is in an article called Sex selection: the ultimate in family planning found in the July, 1988 edition of Fertility and Sterility magazine. The article states that “A diet based on high potassium and sodium, and low magnesium and calcium for couples desiring boys claimed 84% success. No controls were provided.”

They do, however, recommend limiting this method to no longer than 1.5 cycles. Also, don’t go overboard with this. Increase your potassium levels to the highest healthy level and lower the other two to the lowest healthy level. Proper electrolyte levels are vital for a healthy heart and not something you should mess with too much.

Plenty of Calories and a Good Breakfast

Now, this may be obvious, since most of us try to eat well when we’re trying to conceive anyway, but I thought I’d throw this in. A study from Exeter University in the UK found that women who get more calories over all tend to have sons. It states, “Fifty-six percent of women in the group with the highest energy intake gave birth to boys, compared to 45 percent in the group with the lowest energy consumption, according to the study.”

Likewise, “Odds of having a boy were much higher for women who ate at least one bowl of breakfast cereal a day compared to women who ate less than one bowl a week.” They suggest it’s because cereal is usually fortified with minerals and provides nutritious whole grains. (We’re talking Wheaties here, I presume, not chocolate sugar puffs.


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