5 Tips to Conceive a Boy

Many couples wish to have a baby boy from the first attempt of pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with this, as it is the desire of a couple that makes them to know certain methods and tips on how to conceive a boy naturally. There are many methods to choose from, including natural methods and artificial insemination. The process of conceiving is costly but simple for most of the couples. Let us know the tips and methods in conceiving a boy:

Making love on the date of ovulation

Performing intercourse on the ovulation day is used by many couples who want to conceive a boy using natural methods in the first attempt. This is a good method to perform sexual acts on the ovulation day as it makes sure on having a boy. Make sure not to miss the day of ovulation as it helps you to carry sperm of male gene to womb for fertilization of the egg. A little carelessness may lead to conceive a girl. Therefore make sure to use an ovulation kit that helps to conceive a boy.

Reduce the alkaline nature of the vagina

The alkaline nature of the vagina can be reduced by stopping more intakes of sodium foods and other items that reduces the chance of the male sperm to reach the egg. As you know, male chromosomes are fast to reach the egg than female sperm. As male chromosomes do not like acidic environment, you need to avoid foods that are rich in acidity to give friendly environment to male sperms the chance to fertilize into egg.

Intercourse through deep penetration is important

The most important factor to conceive a boy is to follow deep penetration during sexual practice. With this, the sperm released is deposited close to the cervix which makes it possible for the male chromosomes to reach the egg and fertilize. This happens only by maintaining effective timings and good position during intercourse that gives you chance to conceive a boy without any doubt in it.

Maintain PH level of the body

It is necessary to maintain the PH level of the woman’s body. In case if the PH level of the woman’s body is high then it is the indication that the body is having highly acidic nature and if the level of PH is low then it means that the body is more alkaline in nature. In all circumstances, chromosomes Y which is important in conceiving a boy can’t survive in such high PH levels which give a chance for a girl.

Therefore maintain proper diet which reduces the pH level of the body by reducing the intake of potassium and sodium supplements. Avoid meat, chicken, and lamb which help you to conceive a boy.

Consume more calories of high energy foods

Maintain high energy foods as they are high in calories. It is suggested to eat at least 400 calories in a day in the form of cereals, bananas, vegetables, fish and other foods that help in conceiving a baby boy.

Before performing sexual activity, make your partner to consume coffee or a large soda as it is believed that it gives sperm energy to release boy chromosomes and help them to reach fast to the egg for fertilization.

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